Why is CasaVersa home exchange the best way to travel?

At CasaVersa, we’ve created a community that allows everyone to enjoy affordable vacations. Here is why CasaVersa is the best way to holiday and swap your home.

CasaVersa is friendly

Browse for CasaVersa’s home exchange listings in your own country and around the globe and meet like-minded people.

You can connect to Facebook, verify your phone number, and leave references for your friends and reviews of homes you’ve stayed at.

We’ve also taken the frustration out of dealing with home exchange websites, so you’ll find CasaVersa totally user-friendly!

CasaVersa is inexpensive

Home exchange means you will save 1000s by eliminating hotel expenses and reducing the amount you spend on restaurants and eating out. You’ll be able to experience the local supermarket instead!

We believe you should only pay when you receive real value from CasaVersa. This is why our platform is pay-per-exchange. Listing your house, browsing through houses and communicating with potential exchangers are free services. We ask that you pay only upon confirming an exchange.

How much does travelling cost - hotels vs home exchange?

How much can you save on a home exchange? An Infographic by CasaVersa.

CasaVersa is safe

We provide lots of ways for you to get to know the people you are swapping with.

Use our icebreakers to start conversations with potential exchange partners, read their references, browse photos of their home, and make new connections around the world. We also verify telephone numbers.

How well do guests look after their hosts home- infographic

How well do guests look after their hosts home? An infographic from CasaVersa.

CasaVersa is authentic

With more space and freedom in a private residence, you can experience another country like a “local” rather than a tourist.

Living in a real home with tips from locals means that you will be immersed in another way of life (including shopping in local stores, using public transit), meeting your exchange-partner’s friends and neighbors, playing with new toys (for the kids) and communicating in a foreign language (or with your hands!).

This personalized and authentic travel experience simply cannot be matched by a packaged vacation.

Join CasaVersa now and make your next vacation an authentic one!

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About Jo Savill

Jo Savill is the community manager at CasaVersa. Jo loves traveling and is a chronic expat, having lived in Australia, England, Canada, Japan and Israel.

2 thoughts on “Why is CasaVersa home exchange the best way to travel?

  1. February 19, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    Unfortunately, in France, this is very uncommon

    1. Jo Savill
      February 24, 2013 at 3:36 pm

      Although home exchange has been around for many years, it is still building it popularity – and new user-friendly websites like CasaVersa is making that happen! I think it’s only a matter of time before France becomes one of the leading home exchange countries!

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